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Rifle scope Airsoft

The rifle scope is an accessory available under many specificities accessible to people with an airsoft replica or a weapon of shooting and adequate leisure. The scope is the essential accessory for replicas or precision weapons intended to hit a distant target.


  1. Remember to adjust your hop-up before adjusting your scope for airsoft
  2. The scope is installed with mounting rings on your barrel.
  3. The scope should be mounted as low as possible without touching your replica or weapon. For safety reasons, allow at least 4 inches of space between the scope and your eyes to avoid accidents when shooting.
  4. Slide the scope forward or backward to get the proper eye clearance to allow you to see the full field of view.
  5. Then tighten all screws to secure the scope to the replica or rifle.


  1. Scopes have an audible click and finger adjustable elevation and drift adjustment. Elevation is the vertical adjustment (up and down) is usually located on the top of the scope. The windage adjustment is the horizontal adjustment (left to right) is usually on the right side of the scope.
  2. The scopes have a height and drift adjustment of X/MIIL with audible clicks, which means that one click moves the point of impact from X/MIL to 100 meters.
  3. Next, if your scope has an adjustable illuminated reticle, simply turn the knob for it and adjust the brightness to your liking.
  4. Finally, slowly fire a small test group of 3 to 5 rounds at your target to see if your settings are correct.


  1. When cleaning the scope, first blow off any dirt and dust. Fingerprints and lubricants can be removed with a lens cloth or a clean, soft cotton cloth.
  2. All moving parts of the scope are permanently lubricated. Do not attempt to lubricate them.
  3. No maintenance is required on the outer surface of the scope, except for occasionally wiping off dirt or fingerprints with a cloth.
  4. Use lens covers whenever possible.

CAUTION, never look at the sun through the lens, as this can permanently damage your eyes. Avoid storing the scope in hot places, high temperatures could have a negative effect on the product.


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