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Consommables Airsoft


The consumables in the field of airsoft are essential, because without them, there would be no games. You will find in our consumable category, the following products from your favorite brands such as BLS, ASG, G&G, Nuprol, ect...

  • Airsoft balls: available in different weights from 0.20gr to 0.50gr, airsoft balls are also available in different types, organic, non-bio and tracers. Find the balls of your favorite brands like BLS, G&G or ASG.
  • Co2 capsules and gas cylinders: essential to operate many airsoft replicas. Co2 capsules are sold individually or in packs of 12 grams. Gas cylinders are available in different strengths.
  • Maintenance products: ideal for maintaining your various accessories and replicas.
  • Grenades and smoke grenades: these non-reusable projectiles are ideal for surprising and getting the better of your opponents during your airsoft games.
  • Miscellaneous consumables: find in this category, our other consumables such as our paint bombs, our glow sticks or our leisure targets.

Discover below, our catalog of consumables for airsoft.



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