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Airsoft Opération - Airsoft specialist in France

Airsoft by and for enthusiasts

New airsoft replicas and accessories

Airsoft Operation, your online and physical store specialized in airsoft

You are an airsoft fan? So are we!

Since 2015 we pass on our knowledge and passion for airsoft to our customers. We have in our catalog a wide range of equipment dedicated to your favorite activity that is airsoft! From electric replicas to gas fist replicas and dedicated accessories such as the charger, the red dot sight, the case or the shooter protection, we do our best to offer you quality airsoft products at attractive prices!

We also have in our online catalog many equipment items such as tactical vests, pockets, carrying cases, backpacks and holsters. 

We also have an airsoft store in Seclin in northern France, with the entire stock available online immediately! Find our replicas sniper, pistol and handguns, rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers but also our accessories and consumables including balls, gas, CO2 etc. ... 

In order to offer the best to our airsoft enthusiasts, we work with recognized brands such as TOKYO MARUI, SILVERBACK, POLARSTAR, POWAIR, G&G or MAXX. Customer satisfaction being our priority, our team advises you and accompanies you with efficiency for your purchases on our site AIRSOFT OPERATION

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, at Airsoft Operation you will find a wide range of equipment adapted to airsoft such as long AEG, GBBR or HPA replicas, handguns (Gas, AEP, Co2, Spring), shotgun replicas, sniper replicas, accessories dedicated to its airsoft replicas but also tactical vests, pouches, straps, masks, smoke, pellets, gas, etc. ...

Airsoft operation, distributor of the biggest brands of airsoft replicas and accessories

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What is airsoft?

Airsoft is an outdoor activity that brings together several players using airsoft ball guns, using 6 mm balls in teams competing around various scenarios, objectives during games from a few hours to several days.
Generally practiced on industrial wastelands or wooded areas, Airsoft is a sport based on fair play, which means that players must declare themselves "OUT" when they are hit. Players compete with replicas of real weapons or video games firing plastic or biodegradable balls.

Each player has his own specialty depending on the type of scenario in progress:
- The "Snipers" will have long bolt replicas with a long range using replicas of L96, VSR, SRS, BARETT ...
- The "Assaulters" who will support the "Rushers", using replicas M4, AK, MP5, HK416, SIG556, G36
- The "Rusher" will have short and rather light replicas in order to sneak through the enemy lines, using replicas like P90, MP5, UZI, MP7, 
- The "Supporters" who will have the objective of cleaning or lowering the heads of the enemies to facilitate the game of "Assault" and "Rusher" using replicas type M249, RPK, M60, MG42

Airsoft replicas are differentiated by their means of propulsion, the AEG or electric replicas running on batteries, the GBB / GBBR or gas replicas running on gas or Co2, the SPRING replicas operated manually and the HPA replicas using compressed air similar to paintball.
There are a lot of different replicas, such as G36, M4, AK, HK416, MP5, P90, FAMAS, M14, SCAR for long replicas, Glock, 1911, Hi-Capa, M9, USP, Revolver, CZ for handguns....

A large part of airsoft replicas are customizable, thanks to their rails, they can be equipped with handle, glasses, red dot sights, laser, anpeq, grenade launcher etc. ...
To carry out the game, the players generally equip themselves with tactical vests and other outfits that can accommodate various pockets to carry a maximum of chargers, consumables, accessories such as radios, lamps ...


The practice of airsoft requires a minimum of safety accessories, the pair of glasses is mandatory, the mask is highly recommended as well as the high shoes. Be responsible, safety first.

The practice of airsoft is reserved for people of age, the sale is prohibited to minors

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