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Airsoft replicas are very numerous, of all shapes. Airsoft Operation offers a wide range of airsoft replicas, we will advise you according to the style of play you have, the frequency of play but also according to your budget. Airsoft replicas are differentiated by their shape: M4, HK416, AK, Sniper, Glock, 1911, MP5 but also by their propulsion: Electric (AEG), Gas, CO2, HPA, Spring.


These replicas use a combination of a cylinder and a spring that drives a piston. The piston compresses the air and a ball can be fired. Spring-loaded models are among the least expensive and least functional on the market. They require manual reloading after each shot, which impairs the flow of play and reduces the chances of winning. Especially if your opponents are primarily using electric or gas powered replicas. Spring-loaded replicas are mainly sniper rifles and shotguns.


Gas models are another type of replica weapon. The pellets are fired by CO2 or a mixture of gas contained with the pellets in the weapon's magazine. The most common types of replica gas weapons are small arms, i.e. pistols and, more rarely, revolvers. However, gas or CO2 is the most expensive solution and is less effective at low temperatures.


Electric replicas are the most popular. This type of power supply is mostly used in automatic replica firearms, such as machine guns or airsoft rifles, because it allows you to fire a series of shots. Electric replicas have an electric motor that tensions a spring with a piston and then releases it. The result is the creation of compressed air, which propels the ball. The variety of replica guns is overwhelming, so you'll have plenty of choice!

We also offer a customization service, allowing you to gain range, accuracy, speed or reactivity according to your desires !



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