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AEG Long Replicas


The AEG long airsoft replicas are the main replicas for players. They can be used on long distances (DMR / Marksman) as in short distances for CQB (close quarter combat, or urban combat).

The AEG replica is an airsoft replica with an electric mechanism. It works with NiMh / Li-Fe or Li-Po batteries placed in the handguard, the stock or on the side via a dummy an/peq.

They can also be powered by a gas or CO2 system (GBBR), increasing the realism of the replica through the recoil.

AEG airsoft replicas constitute about 75% of the airsoft models sold. You will find all types of modern models such as AK, M4, M16, Kriss Vector, P90, Steyr Aug, G36, MP5, M14, M249, M60 but also older models such as MG42, Sten, M1 Garand, Arisaka and many others.
The biggest brands offer AEG replicas: Specna Arms, G&G Armament, Tokyo Marui, VFC, CYMA, Jing Gong, ICS, ASG...



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